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Magnesium Oxide - Horse Calmer Laminitis 98.3% Pure Animal Feed Grade

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Magnesium Oxide - Calmer for Horses.
Feeding Rate - 2g/100kg bodyweight = 10g for 500kg Horse
£3.50 per kg - just add how many kilos you need to the basket


Magnesium is often a main ingredient in commercial calming supplements. Magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function. This gives magnesium its reputation for having a calming influence on equines. 

Magnesium can be of particular benefit to horses during periods of strong spring/autumn grass growth when magnesium levels are often low. 

Magnesium supplementation has been advised by veterinary surgeons with excellent results both in America and the UK. The supplementation serves not only to re-balance the diet in low magnesium areas or with high cereal diets, but also to help in combating fat deposition in overweight animals (cresty necks). Magnesium is also often used to help tense, nervous, highly strung animals due to it's involvement in the function of excitable membranes. 


There are a number of reasons why magnesium intake or status may be low: 

TYPE OF DIET AND MANAGEMENT - High levels of concentrate in the diet or out at grass all year 

TIME OF THE YEAR - During wet periods and in the Spring and September with periods of grass growth 

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS - Acidic and marshy soils 

HEALTH STATUS AND BODY CONDITION - Overweight horses and ponies often have a lower magnesium status 

BREED - Native breeds tend to have a lower magnesium status 

STRESS - There is a greater requirement for magnesium during periods of stress
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Louise Young from Hull

Magnesium Oxide

Very happy with my order, I ordered 6it's and it has come in 3 x 2kg bags making it easy to use, also excellent help and customer service thoughout . Will be using again, thank you